Saturday, 30 April 2016

How Regret can be GOOD for you

Hi everyone!

There’s soooo much going on in my life right now. I’ve decided to play everything close to the chest until I can make some effective changes. In the last couple of weeks though I’ve been playing my life in my mind over and over again. Don’t get me wrong – I’m blessed to have qualifications, job, roof and resources that I need but I do regret not making choices to live my life more passionately.

So you guys know that this is where I vent and come up with helpful suggestions not only for me but some that I think would help a girl like me. We are in this together!

So normally people can regret decisions they’ve made and choose to live with them/the consequences and I guess someday we’ll all have to do that (hope not though). But that’s a lot to carry so the positive side of regret is when you use it to impact your life in a positive way. Example would be like when a person survives an awful accident they then choose to life to the fullest. Or if they lose a loved one close to them, they suddenly realize that life is precious and that no day should be wasted in sorrow. So this talk is for you (and me) to make changes before something tragic has to happen in order for you to realize that change is oh so necessary!

I’m currently going through a similar change. It’s so important to have goals and to spend time attempting to reach them. Because what is life without the gift of tomorrow? However if you have nothing to look forward to, you spend your days wishing they could be over before they even start!

Here’s how regret can help you grow:
1.       Each day is precious
Once you snap out of your rut in terms of pursuing your goals/dreams or making the necessary sacrifices for you to reach a certain goal you will start feeling motivated again! It just fuels you! There's nothing like the smell of new things! Or deciding not to spend one more day with a person that doesn’t and will never add anything to your life. If you think it’s bad now and you’ve tried to fix it and it still goes back to that rut – that will forever be your life cycle. But tomorrow doesn’t need to be the continuation of a downward spiral. Get excited about your life again!

2.       It emotionally detoxes you
I hope that makes sense. I think I’ve come so close to depression in my life. It’s hard to explore yourself if people (and yourself) put you in a box. From a young age I’ve always been taught to depend on a guarantee, which has always made me a low risk taker and I put my money on something that’s secure. That’s why I don’t waste time gambling or drinking (the result is by chance or has an inevitable bad consequence). But regret can help you make up your mind and it’s like your life isn’t in turmoil anymore. Because you go through a journey where you decide whose views matter in your life. You create your own box!
(For inspiration on this I shamelessly follow Shameless Maya!)
3.       It breaks routine
When you do something you love you never work a day in your life. I love that saying because it’s so true. We mostly underestimate the impact that a toxic place where we spend most of our time affects us. Before you know it you have a pot belly, huge thighs and your face/skin is in the worst condition it’s ever been. Recently I shared with my friend that when you are emotionally perplexed and you’re in denial about it/not aware then your body will tell you. It literally cries out. So you need to break your routine and try new things! I've recently discovered that I'm always seated. Therefore I now commit to a walking schedule/join a gym!

I understand that people have bigger regrets but I truly believe that if you know what they are, you can turn your life around from that regret if you eliminate the problem that's causing it. If people won't allow you, move away from them and go to an area where you can grow and make progress in your life that is inspired by that regret. Thinking about something you can't change, won't change it!!

Don't let an hour go by in pity! Do more and be more!!


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