Thursday, 21 April 2016

Oxford Wine

Hi everyone!

You know I usually shy away from full face make-up because I don’t believe I can slay yet. I want to learn how to be more confident in it but I’m just not that focused on it. It gets so busy at work that I go to work bare-faced and trust me that isn’t good for me when a cute client shows up at our office!

So to keep things simple I now stick to a normal mascara, nude lip and eye liner routine but whenever I feel like doing some extra effort I usually go for a faint shimmery smokey eye. I have huge eyelids which is a dream for some MUA’s and I just never experiment with it.

So for today’s look I used:
·         Avroy Shlain Dark Concealer
·         Colors Foundation (from Clicks/Foshini)
·         Essence eye shadow palette in Bronze
·         Essence I love Extreme crazy volume mascara
·         Avroy Shlain ColorFull eye shadow in Black
·         Avroy Shlain brow liner in Brown
·         Avon lipstick in Oxford Wine
·         Avroy Shlain Coppelia matte lipgloss
·         Avroy Shlain lip liner in Grape
·         Avroy Shlain blush in Brown

I would definitely wear this on a night out! The lip colour is so bold and daring and absolutely perfect for autumn nights! To lighten up the look I would definitely add a hat to be make it light and fun!!

I definitely want to start filming soon and a big part of that is to not look like I just woke up! So I’ll definitely be experimenting with make-up looks (WARNING: It might remain the same!!)

So what do you guys think of the products? Do they get the job done?

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