Thursday, 7 January 2016

5 things Preventing you from Starting 2016

Hi everyone!

I feel like I woke up in 2016 and went straight to work. I know a lot of people who only start next week and the week after that even in our own building as I walk up to my office every day before 8. So yesterday when I was watching Happily Never After I just decided to switch off the TV and go clean my room and after half of it was packed away I realized that I haven’t stepped into this awesome New Year.

Here are my observations in my life and I think that if you have the same we might be in the same boat.

1.       I don’t have a 2016 calendar or diary.
That was like the first obvious thing. Normally I create my own calendar because I want it to fit in with my room decor. I normally don’t use a diary but this year has a lot of things going on so scheduling will be a huge part of my life. So not having one indicates that I have not been adapting to a new schedule or new planning.
2.       I haven’t started running
I do not identify with new years resolutions so when my jeans started not fitting me anymore I decided to start running just before Christmas and then into the new year and I still haven’t started. Worst part is that my running gear has been set aside but every day when my alarm goes off, my only basic instinct to switch it off without guilt or feeling like I ruined my plans.
3.       My sleeping routine is off track
In order to adjust back to my work routine I need to be in bed by 9 and asleep atleast by 10. I haven’t been able to do that even when I was tired on Monday night. That’s a huge concern because it does sort of determine if I’ll make it through working hours the next day – learnt that all through last year!!
4.       I don’t have social plans.
That doesn’t worry me as much, but it is indicating that I don’t have something to look forward to. So this is not the same as not having social events to go to but more of that they are there but I’m trying to get out of them so that I’m not with people. I’ve been isolating myself a lot lately and I'm really worried about it and it is also indicative of not having started the New Year off right.
5.       Adapting
This is very vague but affects so many things that sort of doesn’t bother you that much - before you really think about it. For example I haven’t adapted that I’m now a second year in training at work. So our training contracts are 3 years long and just yesterday someone said: “Can you believe there’s 24 months left?” And that really took the wind out of my tummy because I didn’t realize it till she mentioned it. For me this week was another week at the office. Or when my other friend told me that there are 10 weeks left before our first test for the course we enrolled for this year. And not a single thought as entered my mind about that course that I’ll be paying for. It started to feel more like I'm sleepwalking and haven't really stepped into this awesome new year.

Actually now as I’m writing this it’s helping me identify my own issues and things that I need to work on which is why I love my blog so much. I think internalizing it was also starting to give me a headache but now that it is out I can start working on it and so can you!!

Am I the only one that feels this way?



  1. I used to so organised but now everything I plan fails. I understand you girl, especially ignoring first morning alarm and ddecide to sleep more instead of excersing.


    1. I can totally relate! I think I'm going to keep trying until it happens. Giving up would totally ruin the year!!

      thanks for stopping by Anita!

  2. I still don't have a calendar! What a mare haha. I definitely worry more about social plans than I should. I just like having things to look forward to! x


    1. LOL!I totally understand what that's like!! January can't pass without us both getting one!

      Thanks for visiting!


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