Sunday, 31 January 2016

Valentine’s Day date ideas

Hi everyone!

The love month is almost upon us and this year I want to actively take part in it. In previous years it was just an annoying day that I even regretting waking up to. And I would just go to bed early so that life could resume on the 15th! But this year I’m ALL up in it!!

So then for my first post today I’m going to take on some date ideas. I hope you guys don’t think that I’m too pale and indoorsy but I can be pretty boring so these ideas are remaining plain and simple.

The oldie but a goodie
-          Dinner Date. Which girl does not like dressing up to go to fancy restaurant? So this is definitely at the top of my list because it’s simple and needs minimal planning. Seeing that we all work on that day it gives you something to look forward to. Like your Cinderella transformation build up.

-          Movie Date. I recommend this for people who aren’t big talkers or big celebrators. You want to acknowledge that it’s love day but you don’t want to do the look into my eyes routine. Then a good romcom or comedy is the order of the day and cute little walk afterwards.

-          I’ll cook Date. This is the one I would avoid because of my below average cooking skills but if you’re a wiz in the kitchen then it’s the perfect day to reveal your super powers. If you’ve been together forever you can always try new recipes together or surprise each other with your creations.

-          Drinks on you Date. Some people just like to let their hair down and be young and free again. So this date has everything – you dress up, dust your dancing shoes off, style your hair, dig in the archives for your clutch and you’re good to go. There’s nothing that can replace the freedom dancing gives you!

-          Weekend Away Date. I think there’s nothing better than getting away from your day to day activities and just enjoying the weekend away and try new things. Whether it’s hiking, wine-tasting or going to the beach. Somewhere close though. You don’t want to spend Valentine’s Day on the road. Some people even prefer the road. It gives them time to talk and some stuck with you time.

Dates to Try
-          Invite an old couple. Recently I was listening to friend talk about how affectionate her parents are to each other and immediately I thought that I would just love to listen to their stories and life lessons. They might help to add more years to your love life! Who better to learn from than people who've got it figured out?

-          Indoor Picnic. Living in a routine is okay but I think there’s nothing better than breaking out of it. So for fun you can set up the living room of your house into a picnic spot. It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg but super cute and I would definitely give an A+ for the creativity.

-          Horseback riding. Lol, also not a fan of horses but it’s out of the norm and super spontaneous.

-          Hot Air Balloon. This has been on bucket list ever since I saw one on TV. I’m super scared of heights but I would totally take a sedative to enjoy it. LOL, kidding!

-          Carnivals. I know these are seasonal but if you can drive to one I’d definitely be in for some fun rides and Mickey Mouse ears and candy floss. Who’s with me?

-          Small town sightseeing. I live next to this small town up in the mountains that has wild horses and they have these old town style houses and cute chapels. I always say I would go there just for pancakes. I love that place. Do you know any other cute small towns?

Of course there’s a whole other list of things to do on Valentine’s Day and I hope you guys have cool stuff lined up!!

Care to share your plans?

Give Love,

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