Saturday, 22 August 2015

How to keep your promise/oath/vow

Hi guys!!

Slightly different post but this crept so deep into my heart that I decided to talk about it here. The world has gotten so small. Everyone has just adapted to the current trends and current beliefs but people who really believe in God know that He’s stayed the same.

Today I read a story about Jimdre Westbrook. He’s a 31 year old virgin who took a vow to remain a virgin till he’s married. Obviously I looked him up and read a couple of interviews about his website A couple of things stand out which are also things that I think will help anybody who’s also trying to stay celibate.

Disclaimer : This post is not about his virginity, it's about using his story to help you keep your vow and/or help you re-commit to a promise you once made!

I’ll be quoting from his interview because I found that he addressed some of the problems/situations we face today and basically to summarise what I’ve learned from it.

1.       He’s from Las Vegas
When I read that I was like whaaaaat? He’s right at the centre of the most care-free place! People like to blame their environment. From the community I’m from, I’m supposed to have had 3 kids, a husband that cheats on me with a woman he’s making me live with, that he dragged out from the house next door to where his mom lives in his old neighbourhood. It sounds dramatic but my neighbour had 2 wives. 2 of my uncles have 2 wives. It’s how I grew up. But I know that I’m only made for one person that I do not share. Just because I’m surrounded by this doesn’t mean that it’s what I should look forward to.

2.       He’s 31.
Every time I have lunch with my brother he’s always asking me why he doesn’t have a brother-in-law yet. ALL THE TIME. It’s because most guys I’ve come across don’t value girls with promises. It’s so rare to find a guy who’s made up their mind. Marriage doesn’t mean death. So in general guys don’t want to wait. And then they’ll pull the ‘if you love me, you’ll do it’ card. I’ve read so many stories that contain those words. And the other thing those stories have in common is that they involve 18/19 year old girls. Wait until you’re old enough/feel ready.

3.       “I feel that living at your own pace is very important”
That should be written in stone!! It’s so easy to get caught up in how fast the world is going by. People want everything NOW. Nothing is scared anymore and people are constantly trying to influence other people to go down the wrong path so that they can join them there. I absolutely get so upset when people at work say that because I’m 23 and currently not married, time is passing me by and that by the time I do want to get married, there’ll be no-one left! I like to call that ‘small town mentality’ because they think there isn’t a huge world outside of our town. Know yourself so well that you can’t be altered by someone’s opinion that holds no value.

4.       “I feel like I’m worth the wait because God’s worth the wait”
I’ve been sort of trying to think what he meant with the second part because without explaining further it could mean a couple of things. I choose to look at it as He’s honouring God by keeping his promise to Him. It’s definitely not the easiest thing to do! Promises are based on a series of decisions. The first decision is the actual promise and the rest of the decisions are the ones you make in trying to keep the original promise. I’ve come to experience that in my own life. I don’t drink alcohol. It’s the first decision I made, the rest of the decision I had to make was to say ‘no thanks- do you have coke?’ when it was being offered to me.

5.       “I’m not the one to judge people or to say she has to be exactly like me”
This is so key. Judgment is one of things that make people look down on Christianity. People don’t forgive easily which makes people opt to rather live aimlessly. Don’t live for people but exist for something. I think that you don’t really know someone until you know their life story and you’re not in a position to judge them for the person that they are. Just like you wouldn’t want someone to judge you for how you’ve lived out your journey. Really walk a mile in someone’s shoes as you’d want them to extend you the same courtesy.

I hope you guys found this post helpful!!



  1. This post makes me happy. You are right, God doesn't change. Ive not talked about it on my blog at all but I waited until I was 32- that's when I got married. Really glad I did. My husband hadn't waited but he respected my decision.x

  2. Your comment makes me soooo sooo happy! This is such a private matter and I'm so glad that you opened up like that!!! Say hi to your husband!!



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