Monday, 6 February 2017

Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

Hi everyone!!

This year I’m getting started on the love air a little late mostly because January was basically my melting pot. I’m actually half glad that I didn’t set resolutions/goals because things started off on quite a bad foot. Like WW3 bad. And to be honest I’m kind of glad it happened because I taught me that I’m equipped to take care of myself!

So now in February I definitely don’t want to miss out on the love fever! So because it’s a brand new year I thought I would do another gift guide because last year’s one was quite popular! I will not be doing date ideas because I would probably do one of the other things I’ve already mentioned! Lol, I know. Creature of habit! So today we’ll be looking for amazing gifts available right now!

You guys know I’m all over I bought my books there recently and I loved their delivery and correspondence. I also bought the wrong product and they handled the return/exchange effectively well! I actually wanted to get a blender this year so that would have been a great way to see how they handle electronics as that will be the majority of gift ideas covered in this post!

Whether we’re guys/girls we all need the same kind of things so you don’t always have to get man stuff. Some guys can live on the bare minimal. But every now and again they want to have a hot beverage but thought they never needed a kettle. So now our gifts will fill those loopholes!!

(images from

1.       My friend recently bought himself this kettle and he wanted to tell me about it every day. I guess the red light sort of gives it that extra that other kettles don’t do! The ones from Mellerware are super affordable and you can later add to the range with other appliances. You can get in blue or red!
2.       I’ve been trying to get a Nutribullet blender ever since I was born! So I’m not sure if I’ll get him this before I get one. So that just makes one of us!! This is the perfect gift for those guys who like experimenting with differently healthy smoothies to cute cocktails!!
3.       I found this to be super duper cute! These days you use your laptop and phone simultaneously so it’s super annoying to have to pick it up to type something so this stand will make his life so much easier!!
4.       Now for the things that only benefits him(LOL) we can always rely on the man side of the catalogue! I think this portablevacuum can be handy when a guy likes to be clean and also likes it if his car is clean! I think it’s one of those things that are overlooked until it’s needed! But lucky for him, you’ve thought about everything!
5.       Most guys love to braai but It’s never really something they think about when they are loaded! So to take this one task off his shoulder you could totally get him this very simple and easy to store and navigate gas braai. Now consider all your weekend lunches covered!
6.  And how can I forget the guys who love music!! There's so much hype with everything Beats so these wireless headphones could be a cool addition to his music accessories (if he doesn't have it already!) I liked the blue one but there's also other colours that can suit his personality! It can also be paired to his device and has a 12 hour rechargeable battery - which guy would say no to that?!

(better view of the vacuum)

Do you see something he'd like? 

I hope you guys can find something in my top picks!!

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