Friday, 10 February 2017

Valentine's Day Lust List

Hi everyone!!

These days I wake up at 5. I’ll repeat: 5 AM!! I literally hate and love myself simultaneously because I hate waking up early and I struggle to sleep early. I also love it because I’m hoping it will make me get more things done and also make me more effective. Things at work are moving at an uncontrollable pace and it’s just harder to do extra things because I’m normally too tired to even make myself supper! On the brighter side – I hope that comes with some weightloss!

So Valentine’s Day is 2 days away and I’ve clearly missed the vibe like crazy! Also wanted to create a lookbook but the last date I remember other than yesterday is the 3rd of January when I started working again. So I bring you my ultimate wish list! I loooooove I feel like they just keep up with trends and everything has this sex appeal to it and they have so many categories for different types of girls and for every occasion!

This year I’m obsessed with high slits. You’ll see that it’s almost on the same trend as last year’s wish list. But this year I just think high slits gives you that extra sexy spice to your outfit without you trying too hard. I also believe it’s appropriate for every type of girl! I’ve also been into just minor details at the top to highlight your bone structure. My boobs are small so I like it when the top has cute details that also takes that into account! The chest area should definitely not be neglected!

How gorgeous are these?

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6

I'm so over red this year. This blush/rose tone is absolutely gorgeous and I think it will look good on any skin tone! I love the simplicity and subtle sexy element and I think anyone would love so hot in any of these options!!


Are you digging these or what?

It can definitely be seen as over the top but this selection is for those romantic late night dates where you really need to bring your A game!

I hope you like them!


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