Monday, 11 April 2016

Avon Matte Lipstick Review

Hi Everyone!!

There’s nothing I love more than receiving an order! Tried to rush this one but I ended up receiving it quite late but it’s like the wait was never even there. We’ve all seen the ads and the instagram selfies and I am quite a huge fan of Avon lipsticks so when the matte colours first came out I thought I was going to let it pass by. But they had some really nice colours so I just had to try it out for myself!

I’m quite impressed with the packaging because the exterior also looks mattified (lol!) so there was definitely some creative ideas going into it. I got the AuNaturale, which is a huge risk for me because most people (who don’t even wear make-up by the way) had the opinion that might make you look hungry. And I sort of understood that point from the view of how it would look like on darker skin tones. So I’m definitely excited to try it out and to see if it will blend well with my skin.

Then I also Splendidly Fuchsia because I’ve been looking for bright pink for winter. So why not start with a matte lipstick? It looks so beautiful and so full of colour and all I think about is how amazing it would look with an all black pairing so that it can stand out. I’m definitely using it in my next styling post! Stay tuned for that!

So these were my first impressions. 

I love the deep pink shade because it stands out and it ever so present! I also loved how it doesn’t completely dry out and remains quite moisturizing after 2 hours without re-application. All it made me do though was make me wish I had a lipliner because I only have a deep plum one so it would not have gone well with this shade.

I did find it quite difficult to apply the nude shade because it just looked ‘out of place’. Could’ve been that it did not go with my skin tone or other possible reasons. It was only when I started minimising it that I managed to be okay with how it looked.

Hope you guys enjoyed this review. I’m definitely looking forward to obtaining the other colours but I think this time I’m going to stick to the berry and deep plum shades!

What do you guys think?


  1. The darker shades and matte packaging also drew me to this lipsticks! This was my first Avon lipsticks (I'd only ever used their glosses) but I think I'll be getting more. You're rocking that fuchsia!

    1. I loved how the darker shades look on you so I'm definitely extending my collection!!!


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