Wednesday, 10 February 2016

One Size Fits All?

Hi everyone!!

I’m super excited about today’s topic because I think we can all relate to the one or other bra-blem we’re going to talk about. Let me introduce you to Thirdlove, a bra company, to give you some pretty easy hacks that can save you a lifetime of back pain and basically everyday behind the shirt drama.

So I have pretty small boobies so mostly I used to struggle with these gaping holes in my cleavage area which were awful to look at. I had friends who had even smaller boobs and I thought a ‘32A’ was made for them so I always bought a ‘34B’ bra. And then even when I hooked it at the last hook it would still not be nice and rested on my chest. And my other problem while I was wearing that bra was that my straps would twist on themselves a lot. Then I would have to find the nearest bathroom and take it it off to fix it. *sigh*

Until one day I just decided to get a ‘32C’. And suddenly the world had clouds and sun again. I had solved two problems. The bra was the perfect size and the boobies were chilled and tucked in. And since then even if I sent my mom to get me new bras I was always guaranteed that it would fit.

I think today we’re at that point where there’s the correct bra for all kinds of boobs ( I laughed a bit at the end of that) but people are stuck in the wrong size because only the one need is fulfilled and then then they neglect the other which led them in finding the wrong size. I have a friend who refused to wear a ‘D’ cup because she said that her boobs weren’t that massive. But at soon as she got over that it was like she wasted all that time stuck in the wrong bra instead of just finding the bra that would give her comfort and let her feel confident.

So today you can use this chart to solve your everyday problems and to also give you one less thing to worry about.

I'm in the 8-5 world so comfort is definitely at the top of my list when I'm shopping for the perfect bra. So these are the type of bras that I would I live in!! What I look for is comfort and a little bit of cute/sexy.

This nude and lace black t-shirt bras are perfect for work - underneath crisp shirts and sensitive blouses. It's like its not even there. I also love this plunging lace bra which perfect for those deep v-shirts and tops for a little bit of sexy!

I hope this post was helpful to you and that you got to solve some issues that you've been secretly struggling with!! Visit Thirdlove to check out their bra collection to find the one for you!



  1. Omg this article was so interesting to read!
    I always have the problem with the straps slipping, so annoying!

  2. Thanks Monique! Hope you found it helpful!!



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