Sunday, 7 February 2016

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Bae

Hi Everyone!

So because of my awesome shopping at I’ve decided to share 5 things that I would get Bae on Valentine’s Day. Quick Disclaimer: I do not have a Bae.  But for the purposes of what a cool gift giver I am I would like to share what I would get. Maybe it might save you a gift hunt trip!!

So my ideal guy would like the following things:
1.       A coffee machine

First of all WHY DOESN’T HE HAVE ONE?? But seeing that it’s the month of love I would upgrade him with this stylish looking and very portable one. I think it would just get it for him so that I can use it.

2.       A 3D Blu Ray player

The days of the ordinary DVD player are over so only cool guys use Blu Players. That just raises the why doesn’t he have one question again. My brother gave me Hitman: Agent 47 and when I asked how it was, his first response was that it was Blu Ray and then the conversion was over.

3.       The Man Kit

If you’re seeing a guy who’s into fixing everything himself this would be like if he got you the latest Naked Palette before it hits the shelves. Especially if he’s moving into a new place or you know that your mom will ask him to fix something at her house on your next visit. Sometimes even the nerdier of guys don’t think they need it up until something happens and all they need is a screwdriver! Problem solved.

4.       A mini telescope

This sounds weird but I’m into cute weirdos so when I saw this I realised that not everyone will be into this gift because not all guys like being indoors and can take time to look at stars or can be into astronomy. But you can buy him whatever feeds his hobby. So like if he’s into Marvel Comics (like yours truly) then you can try looking into action figures or going to Comic-Con with him this year.

5.       An I-pod

All guys like music so this should be option 1! And just when he tells you that he doesn’t need it, buy it, put all his favourite music on there and let it sit around till one day he decides to start running/going to the gym and his phone is too heavy then he’ll become bffs with it! Also use it to update his music. I mean if he hasn’t loaded Hotline Bling you’re basically saving his life. 

I hope you guys love this gift guide!!


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