Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Work:: Pastels & Wide Leg

Hi everyone!

I've been at work for 2 days and I'm already so drained. Today my focus was much better though because Monday really made me feel numb. So it's one of my goals to be a consistent blogger this year which is so funny to me because I also have the extra weight of also studying part-time this year.

So here's my thing. God has given us the gift of seasons so now when I get home just before six the sun is still shining oh-so-bright outside so I try to take my pictures in the sunlight but then I think that the light is too sharp and in the opposite light I look too dark so now I will show you guys both versions until a better solution comes along!!

I had to run around at the office today so I chose this powerful yet feminine combo! 

Does this look like a person who's ready for 2016?




  1. Love this fuss-free look. Totally ready to kick 2016's butt!

  2. Elegant pants :)
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    Maria V.


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