Monday, 21 September 2015

Review ~ Black Opal Foundation

Hey Everyone!

I’ve had my fair share of using really bad foundation that’s either the wrong shade or it was too rich and oily. When I tried out the tester I found it to be thick and it had quite a full coverage on my face. It also came off as matte which I really appreciated because I was tired of being a glowy bear. So after speaking to a consultant about it, she suggested Hazelnut and after trying it I bought it.

First time using it I found it to be a bit more watery than what it was in the tester tube and because of its matte element, it would dry out quite quickly which was quite difficult to manage. But after the second/third time I just had to adapt to applying it quicker.

I found that it doesn’t last all day. Towards the end of my day it seemed like I could’ve gone without it. Except for the colour and its matte element I would definitely not go back here if it doesn’t give me coverage all day every day. A thicker layer would just make me look more cakey so that’s definitely not a remedy in this situation. Or maybe a different shade?

Have you ever tried Black Opal?

How was your experience like?



  1. Hi Jabi, would you recommend the foundation?
    I am really worried about the whole having to apply it really fast situation.
    Stacey xx -

  2. It didn't meet my expectations so I wouldn't recommend it. However I've read some reviews where people raved about it - which encouraged me to check it out myself. It's just not for me.


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