Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Soft Pink for Spring

Hi Girls & Guys!

I always keep it barely there with make-up mainly because I have a limited stash and because I don’t buy make-up products that often. When I do, I normally grab as much as I can and regret it later because sometimes quality needs to be above quantity in this regard.

As you guys might know I stick to the affordable side of the aisle and I normally shop Essence and NYX and sometimes Revlon if I’m looking for one particular thing (like those matte liquid lippies). So recently I got a bunch of Essence lipliners that I used to create a look for my video using ‘Lovely Frappuccino’ and ‘Satin Mauve’.

The result was almost like a never to be repeated. Like whatever I do in future – I will never be able to have the same outcome. One thing I did not know, is that they have 2 types of lipliners. The one that you sharpen and the retractable one (preferred). So from now I’ll definitely stick to the retractable ones (for lazy reasons and the fact that I don’t have a sharpener). L O L!

It’s also a legit struggle for me to buy eyeshadow. After millions of hours watching Youtube I just haven’t gotten the hang of it. Till this day I don’t have a blending brush or a foundation brush for that matter but I know that that should not prevent me from looking as pretty as you lovelies! So for this look I used:
-          Colors Foundation (Foschini)
-          Avroy Shlain concealer in Dark (Definitely in the market for a new one)
-          Avroy Shlain duo eye shadow in ‘hot fudge’ and single eye shadow in ‘black’
-          Avroy Shlain brow liner in dark brown
-          Essence lipliners in ‘Lovely Frappuccino’ and ‘Satin Mauve’

-          Avroy Shlain Wet & Dry Powder Foundation in ‘Deep’

       As I've mentioned in my skincare routine, I experienced a lot of dryness during the winter so my skin around my jaw is very bad so most of the cover up goes there which sort of gets in the way of having a no make-up/barely there make-up look. Thankfully my forehead and high cheek remained clear which I'm so happy about!

In case you want to see what I mean by the damage caused by dryness...

Hope you liked this look!


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