Saturday, 16 July 2016

SUBTLE GIFTS for someone you LIKE

Hi everyone!

So this idea came to me recently when I was talking to this stubborn guy who recently got a care package from a girl who likes him but he’s just to self-obsessed to notice which is really sad. But there are a lot of guys out there (warning-do enough research) that would actually not only appreciate the gift but will totally get the hint!

So let’s get started. First you have to know what you want you want. Or you need to know what the outcome will be or how you want the outcome to be. And second make sure that the person is not already seeing somebody. We just don’t do that. And thirdly you have to be really light-hearted about it because you have no idea how it’s going to turn out!

1.       Care packages
Even though I would strongly advice against these, with the right guy or girl it could really be a game changer. The first thing that’s super attractive in a care package is all the effort that goes into it. It can be a box or a basket and what it consists of is ultra-important because it reveals the amount of effort that it required. So it can be a combination of small treats or maybe a basket of make-up products or accessories.
2.       I think there’s nothing more personalized that souvenirs because they tell you that you were on their mind while they were away from you. Especially right before one of you makes it official. This quite tricky because they can also range from too small/generic to excessive/over the top. So depending on how long you’ve known the person and how progressive you little fling has been will determine which gift you should get or which one you can expect.
3.       Textile
I personally don’t like it if people buy me shoes or clothes mainly because I like deciding what to get by myself. And it’s quite a process. But I know some people love to see what kind of heels someone would get them or generally what’s trending that season like biker jackets or things with fringe stuff on it. I think in this regard you must really know the person’s style in order to get them the best gifts. It’s like getting them a fragrance. I like fruity/floral scents so I would like something in that range because sandalwood and cinnamon makes me feel sick. So in your time of flirting it would help to sort of project your friend’s style/preference.
4.       Practical gifts
The beauty of the flirty stage is that you’re getting to know each other. That will also actually determine if you guys like each other. Because if he’s not that into you you’ll be able to see by his lack of interest during this stage. The best thing about getting to know another person is when they seem to complain about one thing. It can be something around the house. Like lightbulbs which you can help her with or it can be how he eats steak everyday in which case you can make him an alternative meal or treat him to lunch(I choose the latter because I could use an alternative meal plan all together!
5.       Letters
I know how bad this option can be and I know there’s only 1% of guys on Earth to understand the sincerity of a written letter (also e-mails now). I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I like everything written. People say the worst things but I feel like when you write there’s no time so say bad things. Even if it’s not my friend’s thing I would want him to know that it’s my thing.

A bit of TMI with that last one but I thought it would add some personality to this list of recommendations! What do you guys think? What has been your experiences?


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