Monday, 9 May 2016

DateNight WishList

Hi Everyone!

If there’s one thing I love styling it’s definitely styling outfits for date night. I just like the fuss and the dress up getup! So naturally I tend to spend hours browsing around for cute cocktail dresses. So my style is one sided but can be so versatile. I‘m going to be honest, I’m not a cleavage type of person. It makes me feel so uncomfortable but I’ve recently learned to love my legs so I try to show a bit more of that now. Before it used to be Operation Cover Up! So much progress!
So my favourite site is mostly Superbalist and Boohoo. I’m still new to online shopping so also baby steps over there but today I’d like to share my interests/wishlist.

1.       Lilac jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are so classy and I’m currently starting my own collection. And I want a few classic and unique pieces. The rest of the dresses are my sweet spot - bodycon structure and have a few tweaks about them but still that classic good fit.
My favourite has got to be option 2 and 5. Option 2 because I also have a bit of shoulder shyness and option 5 because I'll be fixing my restrictions (shoulder shyness) and I love an overflow of beautiful lace plus I can probably hide a food belly in that dress.

What do you guys think? What’s your favourite?



  1. love the 2nd dress

  2. I love number two as well. It looks so elegant without being too over the top. I actually have something similar to number five on your list myself. I got it from a boutique about ten years ago now. It has certainly last well. They are all lovely dresses.

    Sarah x


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