Saturday, 9 January 2016

Cloudy Days

Hi everyone!

You know this week needed such a lot of effort to get through. I've never been through a back-to-work period before and man-oh-man it was hard. And the heatwave has been blazin' hard too! But then yesterday we were blessed with the most amazing cool weather. And that was just the best end to my week. 

So when it's cloudy all I can think of is knits and socks! So then I thought of this pairing featuring this soft maxi that I recently got from MrPrice. This skirt is so versatile and can also be worn during hot days with a cute crop top. So this is how I would pair it for cloudy days.

I hope you guys had a good Friday! Thank you for visiting!



  1. Nice skirt and hat :)
    Maria V.


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