Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Some Pink Spice!


It's winter now but for some reason every now and again the sun comes out to play! So that means pick something from your summer collection archive that you packed away at the beginning of May!!! I had a full day of classes so my pick was my trusty beige booties...in that way I get to wear socks! And this pink skirt I got from  a MrPrice store like forever ago!!

Let me know what you think?!

Booties ~ Pep Stores
Skirt ~ MrPrice
Top ~ Pep Stores
Scarf ~ Jet

My wardrobe is all about maintaining style on a really strict budget. All my clothes come from 'regular' stores but I'm hoping to expand my clothing store options in future! Other pieces are thrifted but seeing that I only go home every 3 months I rarely get time to acquire unique staple pieces. 


Reach me ------>@closetfreedom


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