Monday, 9 January 2017

How to get your 2017 BACK ON TRACK!

Hi everyone!

Happy 2017!πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

I haven’t really done a lifestyle or update post in so long that I was actually weirded out on how to start this one. Normally, I like to enter into the new year like old people. Like be asleep at 00:10. My mom always wants me to be home but it’s really something I like doing alone. This year I tried to stay awake but I was completely gone just before midnight but woke up in time for fireworks and then it was bathroom and then gone again.

Last year I started off the year with some blog goals. Which were good and valid but would have only worked if I had a trust fund. Everything costs money and living in a semi remote area really doesn’t help because access to the internet is ridiculously expensive which affects consistency and basically your appetite to keep your online world going. Let’s not even get into uploading! I don’t even want to know how much that would be per year compared to a person who has access to free internet!

As indicated above, your goals can be withheld by factors that you didn’t really take into account when making those goals. I feel like 2016 was the year of anxiety and depression for me. I can’t even explain it. It’s like when your life ‘juice’ is gone and nothing really matters. I resigned so many times from my job but my manager would not allow me. I was registered to do a course (that I was paying for) that’s in line with my job but as you can imagine – if you hate the practical side (my job) then you’ll hate the theoretical side also.

Here’s how to get back on track:
Ø  Only do something you want to do.
      This year I registered to do Communications Sciences part time. I’m so excited because just looking at the modules, it’s stuff that I’m really interested in. Scary part is that I don’t know I’ll turn it into a career but I figured that I will figure it out when I have the necessary knowledge.
Ø  Be prepared to deal with the consequences. 
      If you decide to move out your parents' house to be independent then you must be prepared to deal with less disposal money or not having things that you were used to. It comes with the one step forward. So in studying something that’s not in my field I could get fired/suspended/be in a lot of trouble. It’s not the best possible outcome but it’s not something that your mind should not receive in shock.
Ø  Take some time off before you implement new year’s resolutions. 
      It’s fun to make them but in February – the gyms are empty. By the time the year starts I’m like on back-to-school mode. I have books, new socks, new hair,etc. But this year I’m getting ready late and on purpose. It was not nice having a bad hair day on the first day but it created the right environment to make a good decision on which hair style I wanted. You only really know what you want when you don’t have it.
Ø  Laugh before you cry. 
      This is weird mostly because I used to not understand people who laugh when facing a crisis. I still don’t get it but I just find myself not believing something by first laughing about it and then crying afterwards when it really sinks in. I don’t know why but it’s much better than helpless crying which used to be sooo destructive.
Ø  Always stay clean. 
      This one might also be hot wired to me but whenever my room is messy – it’s an overwhelming picture of how I feel. I’m not messy in general so it’s not something that always happens. So in order to move forward from whatever crisis, my first goal would be to clean my room (or my surrounding) which in turn helps me start planning on how to fix the relevant crisis at hand. It’s like removing the spider web from my eyes so that I can make informed decisions!

Some of these hacks are from my weirdoville but I hope you understand them enough to apply them in some of your New Year struggles.


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