Sunday, 3 July 2016

Essence Glossy Stick Review

Hi everyone!

I’ve just been taking it easy and literally trying to rest. But, when the sun is out you have limited lighting and I really wanted to try the Glossy Stick that I got 2 days ago. I also loved the moisture when I swatched it so I was definitely excited to test it out with a day look.

I’ve never really seen the importance of lip liners until recently when I got the Avon Matte lipsticks and it just looked so dodge with an undefined lip line. It smudged really easily, especially because my lower and upper lip are not the same size and I really find that unflattering and messy. So now I got from nude to red so I’m definitely going to look more put together.

I have to say I have nothing but good things on this product. It’s not too waxy and the glossy finish is not too overwhelming. It sits well for hours and keeps its colour. I only re-applied when I was done eating. To compliment the lip I also used the Essence Lipliner in ‘Berry on my Mind’. I think the overall look was just really classy and chic.

Have you guys tried it out?

What do you guys think?



  1. I haven't tried this, but I love Essence products so I'm not surprised you like this :)
    I'll maybe try this now :)

    xo Honey - Royal Lifestyle

  2. Love the post. should definitely try it soon


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