Tuesday, 5 July 2016

10 TIPS to get through a STRESSFUL week!

Hi guys!

I’m finally working from home again and I could not be more thrilled! I actually took a day off yesterday just to reset my aura! And today I was totally sleepy after lunch because I think that day off did not work! So thinking back now I truly do not how I survived 2 whole months of suitcase living but I can share some tips that I really found helpful!

I think the key (after hopelessness) is taking each day one step at a time. The was a lot of last minute changes and a lot of geographical changes that I normally would’ve found nerve wrecking but after that feeling my mind immediately went into solution mode which I really appreciate. Sometime a decision starts in the mind and your body will follow.

10 tips to get you through a stressful week

1.       Planning is so important. Not having a plan leads to you dragging your body through the week which will make that week longer. So if you have proper planning you’re able to not only take it day by day but also task by task.
2.       Break down your planning into manageable portions. Which links to the tip mentioned above. It helps you to not feel overwhelmed but helps your mind focus on one problem/section of the project at a time. Your mind feels at ease if it’s able to scratch a complete task when it’s complete.
3.       Always factor in some time for mistakes/errors. Your mind can have a fit if something goes wrong while you’re trying to manage chaos in your week. So it helps to factor in traffic, re-doing work that you might’ve messed up or did not do well. Sometimes it also helps to factor in some time for mood swings because you might work slower and might be less productive.
4.       Always be ready to handle conflicts. Recently when I was trying to remain calm there was a girl who basically decided to be ‘a difficult person’ for no reason and I even gave her an opportunity to apologize. When she did not I was so angry which normally produces moments of tears with me and I was unproductive that whole day. The next two days I was committed to ‘regrouping’ but I did not speak to her until she apologized. Point is this happens a lot and unexpectedly. The time to regroup is super important!
5.       Never abandon a good diet. Sometimes when you don’t plan meals then you’ll always be hungry. So then 2 months later you realize that you only ate bacon and white bread from KFC.
6.       Make sure you get enough rest. One week has A LOT of days so if you spend your weekend also doing something exhausting then you will burn out on a Tuesday and trust me nobody recovers when there’s 3 days left.
7.       Always factor in additional changes of scenario. When I was in Pretoria I had to go to the border of Botswana!! It was horrific but being notified in time I was able let my mind get used to it and it turned out to be a pleasant trip!
8.       Always have a 2L bottle of water. OMW. That really helped me on this trip. Even though going to the bathroom was so frustrating I never had headaches or felt that I was dehydrated. So it kept me focused and full of energy(with the help of a cup of coffee*)
9.       Discover your strengths and weaknesses. I feel like being pushed helps you discover your inner survivor. So you learn what you are good at/what you enjoy and also what you can do now that you thought you could not do before.
10.   Always make sure you’re better than the previous version of yourself. Going through something stressful you don’t really see what you’re really going through until it’s over. So at the end of a stressful task/project do not accept remaining the same. You’re stronger, wiser and most of all more qualified so take time to acknowledge your new knowledge!

Always be ready to climb the next mountain!



  1. This is such a lovely post and so well thought out! I really love the manageable portions idea, breaking it down bit by bit can take the pressure off thinking about all of the stresses as a whole :D really great advice for exam period too! Love your blog! :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

  2. Planning is crucial. I use my calendar and notes app on my phone to plan my days and weeks ahead. Although I do struggle with the 2L water quota!


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