Wednesday, 13 January 2016

A Winning Attitude

Hi everyone!

So as you know I’ve been struggling to get into the 2016 mojo but I think I’m finally making some effort to sort my life out. So on Monday I just woke with a brand new attitude and I was ready to kick butt! Then the horror settled in. It just felt like everything that happened was just geared to get me down. So long story short – I applied to study a new course this year and it turned out that I did not submit something that was very crucial to them accepting me. So because I did not have it I had to call my old university (which was such an exhausting exercise) and change all my passwords and get those documents certified and e-mail them to a friend who will submit them for me. The process was almost bone breaking.

There was only one moment where it all just felt like it was too much where I got my colleague to help me. It just felt like my good attitude was hanging on a very thin thread.

So now that the ship seems stable, looking back, I could’ve easily given up and just thought that seeing that the odds are stacked against me so early in the morning – I’ll just give up. But the more I just tried other alternatives and pushed forward, the burden appeared to be lighter and easier to handle. But if I had the same exhausted attitude from last week I would’ve folded in that very first crisis.

So here’s how to build not only a positive attitude but an enduring positive attitude.

Realizing the need to build

So I’m not a hopeless optimist so I have to build my positivity and speak it into my life in order for me to have it. I have to tell myself that tomorrow will be a good day. I won’t snooze my alarm, I’ll actually wake up in time for my morning run, smile more, etc. In that way you’re giving yourself a small advantage over people who decide that their Mondays will be bad and the week will be long. If there’s a huge workload ahead of you – plan ahead so that you can tackle it faster and more effectively.

The need to maintain

A positive attitude needs a lot of effort to stay afloat. So when one door hits you, open another even if this other goes through a bunch of other doors. When everything starts going wrong at the same time my first instinct is to open a window and throw my positivity out because I need to go into battle mode. But reminding myself that I’ve had a good morning and that things are not that bad I can calm myself down and look for other options that can help my situation.

Ask for help

I can tell you now – I prefer doing everything myself and I’m sure some of you do too. So asking for help is almost the most difficult thing to do but you’ll be surprised how much faster you can solve the problem. With my current crisis I’ve asked my colleague to help me and she just happen to know someone who can submit my documents for me. All it’s going to take is an e-mail. But if I did not say anything I would have had to travel for 6 hours to submit my documents myself.

Surround yourself with calm people

Not to calm though. I almost can’t stand it when a person is so calm that they don’t understand the urgency of a problem. So my mom is a person who’s always asking: “So what can we do now?” rather than Relax/Don’t Worry. Omw, my 2 most hated words on this earth!! So she helps me stay calm and take a step back to re-evaluate everything clearly and then gives me a chance to make a decision from there. That gives me so much peace.

Appreciate a good night’s rest

I know this is sometimes impractical but after I’ve had a heavy day the best gift I can give myself is an early night. Before I do that I just prepare for the next day so that I don’t drag that day’s issues into the next day. I make sure everything is set and I know the work I’ll be doing. It just gives you a chance! A whole week depressed because of a Monday is really a precious week wasted.

Keep your chin up!



  1. I think that's a wonderful list! I hope you find your 2016 mojo x

    - Anne @ annesmiles

  2. I think I'm slowly getting there!

    Thanks for stopping by Anne!!


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