Monday, 19 October 2015

How to keep your dreams alive

Hi everyone!

I hope everyone’s good!! In the past week I’ve gone through a lot of emotions. I think most of them were pure anxiety and I have to express how tiring it is. But I’ve kept my head down and continued working. However a voice inside of me kept creeping through
           …this is NOT where you belong..

I feel so suffocated and if given the chance I would either let out a scream of frustration or just weep like Mary.
So with our new client I was brought in to replace a colleague because he wasn’t being effective (or so I was told) so coming in I already had so much doubt and confusion and one feeling that was at 90% was definitely RESISTENCE.

It’s been 2 weeks now and even though it’s a work in progress I just find myself so left-handed. I have so many things to do and I feel like I’m working without any assistance on work I’ve never done before. Every day I just want to resign just so that I can get a break but it just seems like there’s a lot of negative consequences to doing that.

So I dream. And try to plan. Even if it’s a small dream and a small plan. Just so that I don’t feel so lost. I’m turning 24 in about 2 months and I’m really looking forward to big changes. So in this process I’ve learnt a couple of things.

·         Always stay in touch with things that are in line with what you want to do. Either through social media platforms or people that are involved in it. This keeps the conversation going in your mind. And you never get left behind.
·         Allocate time. There’s never enough time in a day to get everything done. However if you have a set schedule it’s easier to get things done because I’m one of those people who don’t know when I woke up and what I did all day by the time I get to bed. I mean what a waste of time!
·         Take Risks. This is the hardest part but honestly there are just no rewards without it! It’s really about identifying opportunities and just grabbing them with both hands. There’s a lot of things that can go wrong, obviously, but the point should be that you attempted something. Not that you won or became victorious in it.
·         Be authentic. How can people take you seriously if you always do half-baked things? It’s so easy to just become average but we’ve been made to be more than that. So never do things for the sake of doing it, let everything that you do be a true reflection of what you’re passionate about and what you’re trying to let people know about you.
·         Pen it. Being a full time employee in a field that require accuracy and full focus it’s not easy to make time to do what I love so in order to keep my dreams alive I just write stuff down whenever the idea comes to me so that I don’t forget it. In that way it’s always in my mind.
·         Repeat it. A dream dies when no-one talks about it. It’s a fire that you need to keep fanning so that it doesn’t die out. So if your dreams are under your blanket or in your pocket – that is where they’ll always remain. Always work towards them. At night. Over the weekend. Anywhere, anytime.
·         Your people. Stop wasting time with people that only want to gossip all day long. I mean it’s good to laugh with friends and have wine and snacks but you can’t be wasting your time with that all day long. Have a quick meaningful catch up sesh and then it’s back to the hustle.

It’s hard work to keep dreaming but without hope we’re just waiting around to die. So always reach for something. There’s always the next level, the next opportunity! 

Live your life!


  1. Totally agree with your sentiments. Ones dreams can fade and die very easily if you don't actively keep them alive. And hey, it might take 2, 5 or 10 years but as long as you know you didn't give up!

  2. So true!! And really what's life without dreams and ambition?

    Thanks for stopping by, Gaynor!


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