Monday, 13 April 2015

How to Avoid Bullies

Hi everyone!!

In school I can actually say that I’ve only been bullied once by a very vicious girl who came from a dysfunctional family(discovery I made later in my life) and I was saved by a girl who didn’t have siblings(so she was used to being alone) who pulled me out of bully’s claws.

It happened such a long time ago and I’m getting sooo emotional about it all of a sudden.
When I was younger I was extremely shy with an ultra-low self-esteem. Like you could make me twirl in my sleep. So I never really told anyone because my other friends were also bullied by the same person. Until one day my one friend had enough and started having her lunch by herself. It didn’t take long for her to convince me to have lunch with her. And that was the best non-verbal decision I’ve ever made.

I taught me to leave a stressful environment and that isolation wasn’t a bad thing. I didn’t really talk much so after that I didn’t say anything to the bully. She would look at me with flames in her eyes but she knew that she couldn’t lock me up in a cage and carry me around so she would just stare at us from far. I would just look down when I passed her and the moment would just go by faster. Our school was quite small so she couldn’t physically abuse me without anyone seeing her. And she knew that too.

So for years it went on like that until she got transferred to another school and then school became heaven! I participated more in other activities, performed better at academics a long while thereafter and became quite competitive. And only years later I realized that a bad person caused me to be half the person that I could have been earlier in my life had I not been supressed by a human being who wasn’t worth my time.

In the past years I also realized that if there’s one thing I learnt from my brief encounter with a bully is that isolation can be your friend.
But some people don’t want to be alone, so they’d rather surround themselves with people that add no value to their lives and then don’t understand why they make the decisions they make. You are the company you keep.

Bullies are different all over the world.

But don’t let the one you come across change the person you are or the person you’re destined to become.

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