Thursday, 2 March 2017

Room Decor Wishlist

Hi everyone!

Due to the ridiculous backlog of work I have, I rarely get time to stay on top of things ever since Donald Trump announced that he’s running for president. Yup, that far back. On the bright side January and February is behind us and I’m just so excited to just be in March with the early sunsets and the cold creeping in at night. My siblings just moved out and I’m looking to jazz up my place a bit.

I’ve been looking for inspiration everywhere and I just don’t understand why we have Netflix but we don’t have IKEA. Because it seems like IKEA is the only store we need for basically HOUSE DÉCOR AND LIFE DÉCOR! However, I’ve been looking around and it seems like Game and Makro are stepping up and have more things in store than ever before.

My budget is quite tiny but my dreams are unlimited so my wishlist is a mix of the pricier side and also some things I’ll be able to afford. I believe that I’m happiest in my room and bathroom so that’s where I’m going to start! I checked Superbalist and I loved 3 options:

 1, 2, 3

What do they have in common?

They are white (yasss because I’m grown now) and have minimal detail because I don’t like it if it’s completely plain. I think other similar colours that would have been okay, would have been light grey and mint because of how they are such ocean based colours.

I chose the same option from Mr Price Home even though they are more bolder with their designs and colours and they have more dramatic options!

For my living space I’m looking to also keep it minimal and as open as possible. My place opens up to this untouched area so it’s so vital to me for that space to have as much air/breeze as possible! I’m still deciding on the furniture side but I’ve been loving this couch for the longest time because it has no back. I’ve always been self-conscious about the oil in my hair leaving a stain and with this I don’t have to worry about the accumulated hair oil stains!!

I think I’ll probably end up going with a classic wooden table but for now I’m in love with this marble top with copper legs vibe on this coffee time because it just looks more than awesome and chic AF. Based on my budget though I think I’ll need to get an essential item like this affordable sleeper couch and just work the rest of the décor around that until I get a place of my own.

To be quite honest, I have no idea why I've added the couches!! I think part of me still wants to place a one seater couch in my room -for reading and making sure I don't sleep too much! Bachelor flats are ridiculously expensive in Nelspruit so just because I live in a 2 bedroom flat doesn't mean that I necessarily need to utilize the living area. So I still work around a one bedroom mentality(if that makes sense).

Last but not least is something that I've always wanted! I don't really support clothes outside the closet(mainly because Nelspruit has soo much dust) but I thought it would cut my lateness(recently) to work and also help me do styling projects.

Hopefully the next time I do a room tour, everything will be ready!

Am I the only one who gets excited about decor?

What do you guys think of these pieces?


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