Friday, 15 January 2016

First Online Shopping Experience

Hi everyone!!

If you’re like me and you are terrified of shopping online I’m currently talking to you! I was first introduced to the world of online shopping by my good friend Stacey! So far I’ve only shopped on and it’s so funny how I didn’t just test the waters with a small purchase but probably one of the most expensive things I own.

So based on that amazing first experience I’ve decided to help out other people especially with online shopping phobia who are extra terrified of online shopping! After this you’ll need me to talk about how to stop shopping online!

I’ll be using as a demonstration because I had the best first experience there.
1.        Create an account/register with the site where you want to shop. In that way you have a profile and you won’t have to keep providing the same details. You’ll need to have an e-mail address and they will communicate with you in the address you provided.

2.       Then you can shop away.
I knew I wanted a Canon DSLR so navigating through the site was a breeze. Plus they had a huge Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale!!

3.       After adding it to my cart you will now proceed to where you want it delivered.
If your work place is secure I’ll recommend you get it sent there because chances are it will get delivered during the day if you’re on the standard delivery option.
4.       Shipping
 This is where you choose how you want it delivered. If it’s urgent you can choose the overnight option which will obviously cost you extra. I chose the standard delivery option because it was free! Estimated day of delivery will be given to you after you’ve selected your courier method.
5.       Payment Details.
I think in earlier years you could only use a credit card here but now I had to option to deposit it physically at the bank or use internet banking which I think accommodate most of the working class. I chose InstantEFT that will link you to your bank where you can enter your details and make the payment to

6.       If there are any changes with your purchase they will let you know via your e-mail/phone.
7.       When your order has arrived the delivery man will call you to collect it at the address you provided.

Best surprise was that my order came a day early just in time for my birthday! I was just so excited! 
To be quite honest after this process all doubts I’ve ever had about online shopping fell away. I think South Africa’s online market is growing so quickly therefore you can’t afford to get left behind!!

Get the best online shopping experience at!

Can you recommend online shops to try next?


  1. Online shopping is definitely the way to go. I can't deal with the shops anymore! Retail Box, Zando and Mrp are on top of their game in my opinion.

  2. LOL!! the queues were awful in Dec. And that was the only only time I could get some new things! I'll def try all of them! Never heard of retail box before...need to check that out asap.

    Thanks Gaynor!


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